And just like that, it’s another new year! And with a new year comes a new outlook and goals, like eating healthier (or at least healthier than the holiday’s).  This is my collection of Healthy New Year Meal Ideas. All in one place, for you. Healthy dinner, lunch and breakfast ideas to make the transition to eating better, easier.

A chocolate smoothie, salmon with pesto and edamame in a bowl

Changing how you eat does not have to happen dramatically. It can be as simple as swapping frying for baking, 

Breakfast Ideas:

Smoothies are the first thing I think of when I want to eat healthy and detox. They are a great way to pack in a lot of nutrients in one drink.  My Detox Green Smoothie is perfect for this which I love first thing in the morning or an afternoon snack. Chocolate Matcha Breakfast Smoothie is a wonderful energy boost with help from matcha powder and tastes like a milkshake. For some added protein, Strawberry Almond Protein Power Smoothie is delicious and fruity.

Avocado toast is a popular choice of late and my recipe blends artichoke hearts with the avocado and served with added protein, a poached egg. If you’re looking for something with eggs, Sweet Potato and Sage Frittata is one of my favorites.

If you’re looking for something sweet, I like to substitute coconut sugar in Easy Granola with Coconut Sugar and love to sprinkle it on top of my yogurt.

Lunch Ideas:

Salads are always a great go-to, but be aware of unhealthy salad dressings. I like to make my own by mixing 3 parts olive oil to 2 parts vinegar with Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Very easy and very healthy. Blackened Grilled Shrimp Salad is a filling lunch and grilling is a healthy way to prepare the shrimp. I love my grill pan on the stove for winter grilling.

One of my favorite dressings that can also be used as a marinade is my Miso Sauce Dressing and Marinade.

It’s also beet season, and my roasted beet and arugula salad is the best use of them. It’s also pear season if your’e so inclined to add fruit to your salad and grilled pear salad gets a delicious topping from crispy prosciutto.

Healthy New Year Meal Ideas – Soups

At hot lunch is just what you need when it’s cold out and I have a large selection of soups. Roasted carrot ginger soup is a healthy and filling option, as is 30 minute winter vegetable soup. Milanese Minestrone Soup is a hearty mix of beans and veggies that is very filling.

Dinner Ideas:

Dinner doesn’t mean that you have skimp. Salmon Sliders with Caper Lemon Mayonnaise are so healthy, this will satisfy a burger craving. As will my Chipotle Chicken Burger that has a little kick. Buns are optional if you’re going low carb. For a vegetarian option, Spicy Curry Veggie Burgers with Cucumber Raita might be just what you’re looking for.

It’s football season! You can still enjoy some healthier alternatives to your favorite foods. Remember when I talked earlier about swapping frying for baking? I have the tastiest Baked Chicken Tenders with Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce

Looking for fries? How about a Sumac Baked Sweet Potatoes with Mint Yogurt Dip?

Salmon is one of my favorite light dinners, but it can get boring so I like to make healthy sauces and I have 3 options, Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Recipe, Mediterranean Lemon Pesto Salmon and Coconut Curry Poached Salmon.

Chicken dinners are everyone’s favorite. Skillet Dijon chicken has the most delicious sauce and is so easy to make. A winner winner chicken dinner is a healthy option when you make it my way. I roast the vegetables in the pan with the chicken along with stock that makes the gravy. My Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Delicious Gravy recipe has all the details.

Taking some help from the slow cooker is an easy and healthy way to prepare meat. Crockpot Mexican Shredded Chicken has 2 ingredients and you can use the chicken for a multitude of options like baked taquitos or tacos.

Healthy New Year Meal Ideas – Vegetables

Healthy vegetable sides are easy, again, it’s all in the preparation. Simple Roasted Vegetables with Herb Sauce will feel like you’re indulging, but you’re not. Indian Spiced Peas jazz up frozen (or fresh) peas with added bell pepper. For an Asian inspired side dish, Edamame and Snap Peas with Sesame Ginger Dressing Recipe is so good.

In keeping with the Indian flavors, vegetable Indian curry makes a fantastic side dish with the most delicious and healthy curry sauce.

A healthy alternative to mashed potato is roasted carrot and parsnip puree, which are a delicious flavor combination. Good old potato salad gets a flavor boost from roasting the potatoes coated in a healthy Dijon and vinegar dressing (without mayonnaise) and fresh herbs.