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Welcome! I’m Janette and I am the author, recipe developer, photographer, videographer and resident redhead behind Culinary Ginger.

A photo of me as a young girl and as a grownup

The backstory of the name “Culinary Ginger”

As you can see by the photo of me as young girl, I’ve always been a ginger (redhead) and this blog is all about the ginger – Ginger hair, ginger in the food… Culinary Ginger.

I grew up in England in a household with 4 siblings, where my mother cooked a “from scratch” meal for us every night. I took an interest at an early age in cooking and learned a lot by helping and watching my mother in the kitchen and I have been enjoying cooking ever since.

Today, that tradition is carried out in my household in that I also love to cook every night. I like to use only fresh ingredients: no processed or pre-packaged foods are allowed in my kitchen. I like to try new recipes and adapt current ones from all cuisines.

During my early 20’s, I moved from England to America and put my formal culinary training to use, working as a personal chef for several families all over Southern California.

It was in 2013 when I decided to expand on my career as a chef and made the careful decision to work for myself. Culinary Ginger came about when my husband suggested I start writing down the recipes I created as I love to devise new recipes every day. I started researching a format that would make sense for me and learned about food blogging. Fast forward to 600+ (and counting) published recipes!

In addition to my years of cooking experience and my strict culinary training, I also studied fashion and art, which I feel adds to my creativity with food styling, photography and photo editing.

Thank you for stopping by.  If you would like to contact me to say hello you can do that here. You can also connect with me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.


Culinary Ginger