Culinary Ginger


A closeup showing a salt, lemon and lime rimmed glass

Lemon-Lime Margarita

Leap year cocktail. Gin, Grand Marnier, sweet vermouth and fresh lemon juice. Invented in London in the leap year of 1928.

Leap Year Cocktail

A Christmas Cosmopolitan with a stick of fresh rosemary

Christmas Cosmopolitan

A lovely side image of the drink on a board with a cocktail shaker

Apple Sidecar Cocktail

Halloween blood orange martini. Lemon vodka, fresh blood orange juice, triple sec. A perfectly spooky Halloween cocktail with a mocktail option.

Halloween Blood Orange Martini

Chimichurri Burger Bites

A glass of basil julep on a board

Basil Julep

St Patrick's Day green Dublin cocktail served in a stemless glass

St Patrick’s Day Green Dublin Cocktail

Cognac apple cider in a glass garnished with apple and orange slices and a cinnamon stick

Cognac Apple Cider