This Cucumber Gin Fizz Cocktail is a play on the classic gin fizz. With cucumber infused gin and a splash of soda, this is a perfectly refreshing drink for those summer  barbecues, family gatherings or romantic evenings with the sunset.
2 martini glasses of cucumber gin fizz garnished with cucumber
I like to make my own infused spirits. Cucumber has such a refreshing taste it is perfect for this light drink. I poured gin into a sealable container. Added slices of cucumber, sealed the jar and let it sit at room temperature for about 4 days.
After 1 day the cucumber flavor starts to come through but the longer you leave the slices in there, the stronger the flavor. The gin will also start to turn green. So depending on how strong you want the flavor, how long you leave it is up to you.
A jar of gin being infused with fresh cucumbers
A fun element to this drink, and to enhance the cucumber flavor, I made cucumber ice cubes.  Use a small melon baller to scoop rounds from the cucumber and freeze them. Makes for a pretty garnish.
I also have a recipe for a Ginger Gin Fizz made with gin, lime juice, ginger ale and fresh mint,  recipe link below.
A side view showing the cucumber ice cubes

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