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A glass of sparkling apple punch with a floating slice of apple

Sparkling Apple Punch

This Sparkling Apple Punch is a refreshing mix of apple cider, cranberry juice and orange juice with a little fizz from sparkling seltzer water for...

Almonds, pecans, cashews and pumpkin seeds spilled out onto a mat

Autumn Spiced Nuts

Savory Autumn Spice Nuts are a spiced nuts recipe without sugar. It all starts with a medley of nuts that include almonds, pecans, cashews...

A closeup showing the crisp lettuce, tuna filling and sweet slices of grape

Tuna Pita Pockets

Tuna Pita Pockets can be a quick and delicious lunch or dinner. Good quality tuna is mixed with lemon, Greek yogurt, sweet grapes, mustard,...