This Cold Brew Olive Oil Coffee (my Starbucks copycat) will become your new summer favorite coffee drink. Topped with Cold Milk Foam, it’s perfect for jump starting your morning or as a refreshing afternoon pick me up. With this innovative recipe, I’m delving into the new trend of adding olive oil to cold brew coffee.

Using a spoon to add milk foam to a tall glass of iced coffee

Starbucks new Oleato™, launched  in Milan, Italy in early 2023, they add Partanna real Italian extra virgin olive oil. A shocking and strange marriage, you may think? They use this beverage in various coffee drink recipes, claiming that it brings a new experience to the coffee realm and must be tasted to be believed.

Starbucks feature 3 Oleato™ drinks, golden foam cold brew, a caffe latte with oat milk and a shaken espresso with oat milk and toffee nut.

Remember the bullet-proof coffee craze? Well, this is now the olive oil craze. Plus, if you’re fasting (or intermittent fasting) bulletproof coffee actually breaks the fast due to the inclusion of butter which can raise your glucose levels and in turn, breaks the fast.

Olive oil does not affect blood sugar and thus keeps you in fasting mode. In addition to this, there are actually health benefits to olive oil (see below for more on this).

Pouring milk into a cup of coffee
Why add olive oil to coffee?

In addition to the health benefits, adding extra virgin olive oil to coffee creates an unctuous (rich and smooth) sensation, imparting a luxurious and silky texture that enriches the overall flavor profile. It enhances the mouthfeel, creating a velvety smoothness that lingers with every sip.

I decided to explore this for myself and create my own summer coffee drink which is a slight take on the a cross between the golden foam and the latte. So, lets dive in, shall we?

Starbucks use way too much sugar

Golden foam cold brew has 19 grams (5 teaspoons) of sugar per serving. The caffe latte has no sugar (a better option) and the shaken espresso has 32 grams (8 teaspoons) sugar because of the toffee nut syrup. 

Now, when I was testing this recipe I tried it with and without sugar. I do not add sugar to my tea or coffee, but I did feel the taste benefitted from a little sugar but only to the tune of 1 teaspoon. A LOT less than theirs.

Starbucks Oleato™ starts with cold brew coffee. I’m going to show you my favorite and easiest way for the best cold brew coffee (with a few of my own tips thrown in there).

A tall glass of coffee pouring in milk

What is cold brew coffee?

Cold brew is much stronger than regular drip/brewed coffee. The reason being, it is steeped with cold water for a long period (typically 8 to 12 hours) with freshly coarse ground beans which means it needs longer to extract the flavor from the beans.

Making the best cold brew coffee

There are two very important things to consider here – these are use cold water and coarse ground beans. Coarse ground is best as this helps prevent bitterness. If you use a finer grind, the coffee will extract quicker and you won’t need to brew it as long. This would be a win for time, BUT, the coffee will end up being very bitter.

Why would you want to put oil in your coffee?

It may seem nonsensical. You’re thinking, why anyone would anyone choose to put olive oil in their coffee? Because, the flavor combination is so amazingly good plus, there are those health benefits previously mentioned (check them all out below). Olive oil is also said to neutralize the acidity of the coffee.

Note: If you’re a plain black coffee drinker, I recommend a little sweetener to enhance the flavor of both the coffee and the olive oil. 

A cup of iced coffee in a glass mug topped with foamed milk
What is cold foam? 

Cold foam is the cold version of hot foam that usually tops lattes. It’s just cold instead of warm aerated/foamed milk.

Tips for the best cold foam

  • Use very cold milk. Just like when making whipped cream, the cold helps froth up faster.
  • Use milk with the most fat as the fat helps achieve more foam.
  • Use a stainless jug to keep the milk cold.

The best milk for cold foam

Any of your favorite dairy or non-dairy milks, even flavored coffee creamer. The more fat the better as it will foam up more.

The easiest way (and the way I prefer) is an inexpensive hand frother.

Frothing milk in a silver jug

Homemade non-dairy milk

Making your own nut or oat milk at home is so easy and can be more cost effective than buying, plus, there’s not all the added ingredients. Oat milk is one of my favorites as well as Peppermint Mocha Creamer. Soy can also be used.

Extra virgin olive oil healthy benefits

(information from the U.S. F.D.A)

  1. Heart Health: Extra virgin olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, particularly oleic acid, which can help lower LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) and reduce the risk of heart disease. It also contains polyphenols, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, further promoting cardiovascular health.
  2. Antioxidant Protection: The polyphenols found in extra virgin olive oil act as powerful antioxidants, helping to protect the body against oxidative stress and inflammation. These compounds may contribute to a reduced risk of chronic diseases, such as certain types of cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and cardiovascular disorders.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: The anti-inflammatory effects of extra virgin olive oil are attributed to its polyphenols, which can help decrease inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is associated with various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and certain types of cancer.
  4. Blood Pressure Management: Regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil has been linked to lower blood pressure levels. The monounsaturated fats and polyphenols in olive oil can help improve endothelial function and maintain healthy blood vessel elasticity, contributing to better blood pressure control.
  5. Blood Sugar Regulation: The monounsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil can help improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels. This can be beneficial for individuals with or at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  6. Brain Health: The polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil have shown potential in protecting against cognitive decline and promoting brain health. They may help reduce the risk of age-related neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. Digestive Health: Extra virgin olive oil has been associated with improved digestion and gut health. It can enhance the absorption of nutrients, support a healthy gut microbiome, and reduce the risk of digestive disorders.

So these are 7 good reasons to add olive oil to your morning coffee, but it is calorie dense so moderation is key here.

Ratio of olive oil to coffee

½ teaspoon olive oil to 8 ounces coffee is a good ratio because this particular brand has a strong flavor. You don’t want strong olive oil tasting coffee, you just want it to gently enhance the flavor of the coffee.

Best way to serve cold brew with cold foam

There’s 1 of 2 ways, in a tall glass over ice, or in a glass mug.

A cold brew coffee in a glass mug viewed from the side with milk

Serving Size

This recipe yields 5 servings. That is 8 ounces (236 ml) of coffee, plus the milk. The amount of milk added is up to you.

Yield: 5

Cold Brew Olive Oil Coffee

Cold milk foam topped cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee with the addition of extra virgin olive oil and cold milk foam.

Prep Time 8 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes


  • 2 cups + 2 tablespoon (136 grams) coffee beans or coarse ground coffee
  • 5 cups/40 fluid ounces (2 ½ pints) cold water
  • Milk of your choice
  • Sweetener of your choice


  1. Grind the coffee beans to a coarse ground (if using whole beans).
  2. Add the coffee to a large pitcher and add the cold water, stir to mix well. Cover and refrigerate at least 8 hours.
  3. After 8 hours, strain the coffee and discard the coffee grinds. Stir the oil into the strained coffee.
  4. Add the milk to a metal jug and froth.
  5. To 5 tall glasses add ice. Divide the coffee between the glasses and top with the foamed milk.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 74Total Fat 1gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 0gCholesterol 4mgSodium 209mgCarbohydrates 13gFiber 2gSugar 7gProtein 4g

This nutrition calculation is provided by Nutronix that is only a guideline and not intended for any particular diet.