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Ricotta with a knife, fresh mint and bread

Homemade Ricotta

Homemade Ricotta is so much easier to make than you think. A very versatile ingredient that can be used as topping for crostini or...

Drizzling syrup onto European style pancakes

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday are served in the UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland, otherwise known as pancake Tuesday. These are not thick,  American-style pancakes, but...

Brandy Snaps on a serving board with raspberries and blackberries

British Brandy Snaps

Brandy Snaps are a popular British dessert. Crispy golden lacy tubes filled with brandy whipped cream. A sweet dessert that is traditional enjoyed at...

A closeup of a cut chocolate salami with nuts and cookie inside. Made to look like meat salami

Chocolate Salami

Chocolate Salami (or salame di cioccolato) is made of decadent dark chocolate mixed with nuts, white chocolate, cookies and a hint of orange. With...