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Italian beef stew served in a white bowl over creamy polenta

Italian Beef Stew

This Italian Beef Stew is everything you want in a comforting, hearty meal with huge depth of flavor.  Cooked low and slow with Italian...

A small copper pot filled with gravy

Guinness Gravy

This is my easy recipe for a deeply flavored Guinness Gravy made from scratch with onions, beef broth, Worcestershire sauce, and, of course, Guinness...

3 chocolate decorated apples

Fall/Autumn Recipe Ideas

With over 35 Fall/Autumn Recipe Ideas to choose from, breakfasts, stews, comfort food, sides, desserts and drinks. This is the only place you need...

A jar filled with vegetable pureed bouillon

Vegetable Bouillon

Here we have my highly-flavorful, no cook, meat-free Fresh Vegetable Bouillon. It’s like a chunky stock paste and it’s so easy to make! It...